Badass Blogging.

Because whoring is love.
In effort to lick the hand that feeds me, I've decided to be a good person and give back to the blogging community. Besides, I've read some really badass posts this week (and it's only Tuesday!), and I got so psyched about them I kind of had to pimp them. And so, here's a couple lovely little posts I recommend everyone check out, in no particular order.

1. Alex from Film Forager gives a review of the most excellent movie, Battle Royale (2000). Just reading this makes me need to see Mitsuko beat some heads in again.

2. Tim from Post-Mortem Depression gives a list of all the seven horror movie sins, AKA, everything about a bad horror movie that makes you want to stab your own eyes out. A great list of how-to-nots which every horror movie writer must adhere to and every horror movie watcher must chuckle over.

3. CS from Big Thoughts From A Small Mind gives us a couple movies to look forward to: Happythankyoumoreplease (2011), and Of Gods And Men (2010). I haven't seen Of Gods And Men, so this is new news to me, but I am so intrigued after seeing that French dickhead from the Matrix.

4. BJ-C from Day Of The Woman has deemed February Woman Of Horror Recognition Month. I'm looking forward to some kickass chicks this month!

5. Andrew from Encore's World of Film & TV gives a much needed lesson on the meaning of "ensemble acting", and gives five very appropriate choices for "Best Ensemble Cast" of the year.

6. It's officially February! Which means on the BlogalongaBond calendar, it's time for the second Bond film. From Russian With Love (1963), here I come!

Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! 


  1. Nice list of links! Always nice to be introduced to a few new blogs.

  2. Thanks! I agree completely, new bloggage is always a good thing.

  3. Thanks for spreading the news.

    I'm glad my post peaked your interest in "The Mechanic." Always nice to have new readers!

  4. Of course! Anyone who renews my faith in Hollywood's version of Jason Statham is a friend indeed.


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