So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.


Apparently, all the good, saintly sorts are transcending and leaving this earthly world today. To which I say, goodbye and good riddance. Maybe we can actually get a gay James Bond now.


  1. I'm backtracking. How'd I miss this? Ah well...I was caught up in watching for my good Christian neighbors to be taken up in the Rapture. Damn it, they're still here. My brother-in-law thought about putting his shoes outside to make his annoyingly judgmental neighbors think he'd gone on without them, leaving them to wonder why they were still here.

    I want a gay James Bond. I would love to see him throw down with a sexy Q and test some gadgets.

  2. Thank God, for a second there I thought you'd been swept away by the Rapture! And that's brilliant! He so should've put his shoes outside. Sure, this doesn't technically have much to do with movies, but it's the funniest fucking thing I've heard in a long time

    HAHAHA! That was so wrong, it's right. Wow. I literally have NOTHING to top that image. *Bows*


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