PLUG: Battle Of The Sexes.

PLUG: Battle Of The Sexes
Image from nothingiswrittenfilm.blogspot.com
Alright. It's no secret that as an action movie buff chick, I occasionally have pseudo feminist rants bubble out of me. And then go on to objectify the latest sexpot in latex (alright, maybe not the latest, but she's still got it). In any case, I'm not the only one who's intrigued by the way film has a way of breaking (or affirming) gender stereotypes. The lovely filmgeek from Final Cut has come up with little game she calls "The Battle Of The Sexes" in which chicks and dicks get to debate typical "blokey" or "girly" films from both perspectives. I thought this was a brilliant idea and wrote up a post about the female character in The Expendables. If you've read my review of the movie, you know full well how I feel about it, but if you're interested for a little more in-depth railing, check it out here. Otherwise, take a look at filmgeek's Battle Of The Sexes and submit your own ideas to it!


  1. Thanks for the plug and your awesome post :)

  2. My pleasure! Us moviebloggers must stick together!

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