TRAILER: The Green Hornet.

TRAILER: The Green Hornet

Alright. So here's the thing. I know little to nothing about the Green Hornet. Didn't read the comic books, didn't watch the series, didn't even wiki the man when I saw the movie was coming out. Like I said, little to nothing. Which I actually consider a privilege because it means I'm probably going to be the only one enjoying this movie while all the Green Hornet fans cry tears of rage as Seth Rogen's ridiculous chuckle sucks their souls out of their bodies. Even I, knowing nothing about said Green Hornet, was stumped by the casting of Seth Rogen as a superhero. Frankly, I like the guy. I do. I think he's funny in a Pineapple Express kind of way. And I know I'm not going to take him seriously at all during this movie. But I don't think the movie begs to be taken seriously. In fact, I think it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. And I'm more amused than anything that an wholly average looking guy such as Seth Rogen is cast as some bad-boy lady killer. Like, what? Really? Hey, props to Hollywood. It's about time Brad Pitt stopped getting tail and the normal looking people actually started getting some of the action. I also love Tom Wilkinson (even though it looks like he's only going to be in the movie for a depressingly short period of time--why?? Don't they know how fucking badass he is? Haven't they seen Rocknrolla?), and Jay Chou as Kato looks like he's going to be extremely amusing. 

Nonetheless, I didn't write this post for Seth Rogen, Wilkinson, or Chou. Hell, I didn't write it for The Green Hornet. I wrote it for Christoph Waltz, everyone's favorite Nazi, and the fact that every 2 seconds he was on screen in that commercial I wet myself a little more. He's BADFUCKINGASS. In everything he does. Seriously. I couldn't get enough of Christoph Waltz if I tried. Thank you, Tarantino, for bringing this man to America! Yes, Hollywood kills, and Christoph Waltz, my dear friend, in a couple years I'm afraid they'll condescend your acting skills and bill you alongside Cameron Diaz in some--oh, wait. Cameron Diaz is in this movie? Yikes. Sorry bro. The point is...Christoph Waltz. If you look up Badass in the dictionary, I do not doubt that you will find his face. 

On another note, the action looks really fucking cool. Really. I'm psyched for the action sequences in this movie. It's about time we had something that was pure, unapologetic fun. And, with that, here's the Christoph Waltz. I mean, here's the trailer: 

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