BAMF Of The Week: Staff Sgt. Dignam

"Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself."
Mark Wahlberg as Dignam from The Departed.
Staff Sgt. Dignam. The man swears like a sailor, he spends hours coming up with cutting and petty insults, and he has absolutely no mercy filter on his sharp tongue. Indiscriminately and randomly he attacks every single person who rubs him the wrong way. Doesn't matter if they're a senior officer, an extremely dangerous mobster, or Leonardo Dicaprio. And yet despite the fact that this man is a Grade A Asshole, he has his righteousness and his loyalty, and from that he won't back down. The Departed (2006) is a movie of epic proportions in itself, great movie, great plot, great characters, and yet still, Dignam steals the show completely. Now all I can do is sit back and wait for Departed Thunder (20??), in which Dignam and Les Grossman engage in a full out tongue-lashing epic battle of the wits. But between you and me, my bet's on Dignam.

Best moment: His last scene in the movie. Hands down.
Dignam revs up for a bitchslap.
Because he's so fucking quotable:
Police Camera Tech: Who the fuck are you?
Dignam: I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

Dignam: My theory on Feds is that they're like mushrooms, feed 'em shit and keep 'em in the dark.

Lazio: Do you have anyone in with Costello presently?
Dignam: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe fuck yourself.

Ellerby: Go fuck yourself.
Dignam: I'm tired from fucking your wife.
Ellerby: How is your mother?
Dignam: Good, she's tired from fucking my father.


  1. Watched this movie again yesterday, and it's one of the most quotable movies of the year.

    I love the part about the lion and the tuna.

    Mark is ilned up to star in the movie version of the "Uncharted" video games series. Exciting!

  2. Thanks for the comment! It most definitely is an insanely quotable movie!

    Niiiice! I must say, I'm not a big video gamer person so I actually had no idea, but he would make a good video game to movie character. He does well with that action shebam and I love it.

  3. Loved his character. Loved this movie. Good stuff.

    Dignam: [interrupting] "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Let's say you have no idea and leave it at that, okay? No idea. Zip. None. If you had an idea of what we do, we would not be good at what we do, now would we? We would be cunts. Are you calling us cunts?"

  4. No one would call Dignam a cunt and live to tell the tale. True story. Except maybe Alec Baldwin, but that's because he's Alec Baldwin.

    Really, all of his lines are just gold.

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