Don't Throw Away Your Television.

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Angry at the the Skins child porno debate? Wounded by Ricky Gervais (you humorless bastards)? Heartbroken because The Walking Dead hasn't come up with a precise return date? Never fear, I come bringing tidings of hope, also known as: three reasons not to throw away your television.

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1. Lie To Me is awesome. Yeah. I know. About %1 of the human population watches this show. But really, it's a good one to get on. Sure, it's methodic, but no one complained when every episode of House M.D. had the same ending. It has an interesting premise--human lie detectors. Plus, it has the quirky and ever lovely Tim Roth and the beautiful Brendan Hines. What more do you need? Okay. So the show doesn't sell itself well. So it had a bit of a sloppy first season. But I think it's really started to kick itself into gear--especially with one of the latest episodes, Funhouse (3x09), in which Lightman gets himself admitted to a mental hospital and spends some time going absolutely crazy. I know what you're thinking--another House M.D. ripoff, Lie To Me? Really? But no, really, they actually pull it off well, and it's a great bit of character development. One of the best episodes of the season, if not their best. I recommend checking it out on hulu.

2. Archer is coming up. YES. I've been waiting for this for way too long. If you're wondering what Archer is, it's another hulu venture for you. It's more or less an animated spoof of secret agent movies, focusing primarily on the 007 franchise, and basically rips it to pieces. From the sick geniuses that brought us Frisky Dingo, Archer is not for the faint hearted, often laced with twisted sexual humor, butler abuse, and mommy issues. But if you're a James Bond fanatic*, you'll no doubt find this amusing to no end. It's coming back January 27th, and I'm psyched.

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3. Battlestar Gallatica is on netflix. Okay. So this has nothing to do with TV, actually. Well, a little bit to do with TV, I mean, it is...you know. A TV show. Just happens to be a TV show that I watch on the computer! Alright, so it's old news for everyone else, but I just started getting into it, and let me tell you. It's fucking awesome. Amazing, well written script? Check. Exciting plot with robots? Check. Great action scenes? Check. Complex characters? Check. Badass chicks? Motherfucking check. There is really nothing that makes me happier at the moment.

*NOTE: Speaking of TV. Yeah. I'm not going to be talking about Human Target. I know, I'm talking about badass shows, how can I not watch Human Target, right? Well. Human Target makes me angry. It's a wannabe James Bond show. And it's one thing to spoof James Bond, another thing to try to be as cool as 007 himself. Don't try. You will fail. Miserably. Am I not giving this show enough credit? Probably. But this is my irrational rage showing.


  1. Cool piece. I have not been a consistent weekly watcher of "Lie to Me," but there were a few episodes I caught. And I have to admit, I was fairly impressed. Your dead on about Tim Roth's likability factor and the uniqueness of the premise (lie detectors). I'll have to check out some more of the show, including the Funhouse episode you referenced.


    Ahem. I love Archer.

  3. @Matty V. -- Thanks! The great thing about Lie To Me is you really don't have to watch it on a regular basis, each episode is more or less it's own world so you can pick it up and put it down whenever. But the Funhouse episode is definitely a good place to pick up at--lots of lovely crazy Cal action.

    @Alex -- Pam: "...And I have to make my own tampons!"
    Krieger: "Tampons! Weeeell...I don't know what that is."
    Pam: "Exactly! And so I say, no union!"
    Krieger: "Yes! Confederacy forever!"

    Krieger is love. That is all. This TV show is WAY too damn quotable.


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