TRAILERS: Hanna/Priest

Saoirse Ronan as Hanna.
Since it's been a while since I've frothed at the mouth over a trailer, I thought I'd stick in two that've peaked my interest. Starting with Hanna, staring Saoirse Ronan (also known as the fanfuckingtastic girl in Lovely Bones (2009)), Eric Bana (who's just always amazing), and Cate Blanchett (who I've finally stopped calling Galadriel). Clearly, this isn't exactly a kids movie, but it does kind of ring in the tune of a young adult novel, what with the main character being a young girl (or maybe I just read too many violent young adult novels when I was little). And frankly, it's nice for kids to have that sort of image up. I'm not saying "Yay, let's show our children how to be violent!" but rather, I like the fact that it's a young woman taking control of her life and going on this "adventure" of sorts all on her own. It's the same reason I'm admittedly psyched for Sucker Punch. It's about time we let women, especially young women, in on the little secret that they can kick as much ass as the big boys, and they don't have to put out to do it. 

The second trailers rings a bit of a different tune. Priest is yet another graphic-novel-turned-movie, so there's no way they can go wrong, right? Right? Well, so far, I don't see how it can disappoint. Priests, those sweet little holy men, kicking major vampire ass? Rock on. I'm there. Plus, finally we have have vampires that are--god forbid--scary! These aren't your pretty sparkly vampires who are only interested in repeating high school for three hundred years because they're too fucking stupid to even get into college at least. These vampires are mean, ugly, unholy beasts of the underworld. Plus, Paul Bettany? Karl Urban? Cam Gigandet? Paul Bettany? How could this NOT be good? The actors are great, the action looks great, and the world looks really fleshed out and believable. I'm so there.

My only problem is the 3D bit. If I can find it in 2D, I'm snagging that viewing. Because I'm so damn tired of 3D. I don't know how many of you live in New York, but it's $18 here. That's right. $18. I could student rush a Broadway show for just about that much. Plus, 3D does absolutely nothing to me except occasionally make me dizzy since I'm one of those sit-in-the-front-row types. Honestly, if you don't have the imagination to picture this vast, creative world without having it stick out at you like a pop-up book, why are you going to the movies? Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm really just riding out the craze at this point.


  1. Hanna rocks! I love chicks who kick ass. My friend loves it that I'm teaching his daughter all about female warriors and she's coming with me to see this one.

    I love,love Paul Bettany and Karl Urban. Right there, they had me before I even knew a thing about the movie. I would have gagged if it had been a rom com, but fortunately it's my kind of flick.

    I hate 3-D because it makes me dizzy and want to yak all over my smuggled in M&M's. Plus there's the price, $18 here in Chi Town, too.

  2. That's great that you're making Hanna a little educational moment! I'm all about female warrior love, I think young girls need more female heros and less beauty queens.

    Paul Bettany and Karl Urban are amazingly underrated and always awesome. I'm really looking forward to them kick ass in Priest!

    The price is completely outrageous. I thought normal movie prices were awful, but this really takes the cake. I'm over it.

  3. Nice post. I completely agree with your dour assessment of 3D. I live in CT. Our rates are close to NY's. It is patently ridiculous to expect us to absorb these constant price hikes, when the viewing experience is marginally improved, if not massively hindered. There have been very few exceptional 3D translations—How To Train Your Dragon was the most recent.

    The Priest looks promising. I'm with you on the merits of the graphic novel concept. Sin City, 300—fuckin awesome stuff.

    Plus, I can't wait for Sucker Punch too. Chris Snyder is excellent.

  4. *ooops. By Chris Snyder, I certainly meant Zack Snyder!

  5. The price rates are insanely ridiculous. I don't know how they expect anyone to be able to go to see the movies these days. I haven't seen so many good movies because I simply can't afford to see them in the theaters and have too much respect for them to watch them on my small computer screen. Reason 342 to try to get a job at a movie theater.

    Sin City and 300 are gold. I'm also a huge fan of Watchmen, though I know it was hit or miss with some people. Yet another reason I think Zack Snyder is brilliant. And his evil twin Chris Snyder.


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