BAMF Of The Week: Car Commercials

1970 Dodge Challenger AKA Vanishing Point FTW.
Yeah. I said it. Car commercials. Like the great mind Matty V., I felt like I had to do something dedicated to the wowness that was the Superbowl this year. Normally, I'm not that big of a football fanatic, but this time around I actually paid attention and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. What I was NOT pleasantly surprised by was how hard the commercials sucked this year. Every other year, I was one of those people who flipped on the Superbowl, got all excited when it was time for commercials, and then went and entertained myself while the actual game was on. And this year, I've got to say, I was not impressed. 

However. If there's one section of advertisement that's preeeetty hard to fuck up, it's the car commercials. I know a few people who hate car commercials, and they're all in the feminine side of the race. Which is probably because car commercials are pure and utter testosterone. A good car commercial will:

1. Have little to nothing to do with the car.
2. Have a rock song with a heavy beat. 
3. Flash many random images at the viewer with the speed of a subliminal message. 
4. Include a naked woman, a car chase, and/or an explosion. 

Or you can just do what these guys did:


  1. Thanks for the favourable shout out! The Super Bowl is a massive media frenzy. It is required viewing.

    Nice inventive segment. Anything that features an extravagant dose of beautiful women, a helicopter, sportbikes, hay, and a school teacher is primed for badass worthy recognition.

  2. Love that picture! You are badass for putting up the Vanishing Point car. The 1970 Challenger is one of my ultimate awesome rides. I dig this piece because A) the hot women are actually wearing decent clothes and B) she goes to an actual job and not some random party or club.

  3. @ Matty V.--Of course! And it definitely did. And I agree--it was one of the few commercials that made me chuckle.

    @ Melissa Bradley--And thanks! I do love me some Vanishing Point. I would definitely die a happy woman in that car. And I know, right? A real woman in a commercial? Goodness, who would've thought!

  4. This is a picture of what I dream about. Great shot.

  5. @ RPPiper--Isn't it gorgeous? I'm glad you can appreciate it!

  6. Why do you think they used women as drivers in that vid? I think they compared the car's performance with a woman's personality: smooth, tough and witty. But yes, men and women are equal in many different ways. Maybe they can make another add featuring men and their qualities. Thanks for sharing the vid, btw. :)

  7. Good point--comparing buy a car to flirting with an attractive woman? Tempting offer. But advertisement all across the board needs to catch up with the times and realize that men AREN'T the only ones who buy cars anymore.

    Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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