BAMF Of The Week: Sean Connery

"More than anything else, I'd like to be an old man with a good face."
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Call it nostalgia. But as soon as I finished my review of You Only Live Twice (1967) and realized I only have one more Sean Connery style Bond in the Blogalongabond schedule, I felt a twinge of sadness. It's time for me to grit my teeth and bear George Lazenby with the lingering presence of the greatness that is Sean Connery. It didn't help that I'm late to the party and realized Sean Connery officially retired a couple years ago. So what's his legacy going to be? The man who invented the iconic figure of James Bond as we know him? Indiana Jones' wise, smart-assed father? That Scott with the accent a blind man could pick out of a line up? The thing is, Sean Connery is just such an undeniable badass, it's hard to pin down what exactly is so awesome about him. He's attractive as hell, and like wine and Beanie Babies only gets better with age. He's witty and sarcastic, but in a charming way Americans can't quite seem to pull off, and whenever they try it only comes off pretentious. And he commands the attention of the screen, no matter who he's billed beside. Dude just breaths badassitry. Cary Grant once said: "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant." I have a feeling Sean Connery can sympathize. The good news? I skipped out on reviewing From Russia With Love (1963), so technically I've got two more Connerys to review. Who ever said procrastination doesn't pay?

Best films: Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (1989), The Untouchables (1987), Every Bond. 

Worst films: Let's face it, he's had a couple shitty ones. I've never see The Avengers (1999), but it has a 15% tomatometer rating, so it sounds like I'm not missing much. I would put The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman (2003) on here, but I'm not going to lie, if its on TV, its enough of a guilty pleasure that I will find myself watching it. 

Best moments: Bond. James Bond. Not to mention, telling Indy to sit down and relax and accidentally tipping open a chair-spring activated trap door. 


  1. Sean Connery retired a few years ago? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN.

    My God, I just completely missed this news, man!

    I love me some Connery man (or meaning I love me some Connery as Bond). I don't know what I would have done without my healthy dose of Shaken, Not Stirred and Bond, James Bond quips in that Scottish drawl of Connery's (I didn't even realise he barely covered his accent up in Goldfinger, and that is how bad ass he is.)

    I did hear that he was a bit of a dick, but for the love of God I hope that is not true. I would also say his worst film is that ridiculously verging-on-creepy thing he had with Catherine Zeta Jones in some movie in the early 2000 or so.

  2. That was my reaction exactly!! I mean, I knew he hadn't been in movies for a while but...retired??

    I agree. I think most anyone will agree that Connery is the ultimate Bond, and then with that settled they'll go on to clarify who their favorite Bond besides Connery is, because he is such a give-in. I'm awful with accents to I can never tell the difference, but he's got such a brilliant voice he might as well let his Scottish freak flag fly.

    I could really care less if he is a dick "in real life" or not. He has such a kind face! To me, he'll always be the awesome that is James Bond, or Indiana's daddy, so I refuse to believe he's anything other than a sweet grandfathery type.

    And I definitely know what movie you're talking about--Entrapment? I haven't seen it, but I flipped through it on imdb and it did look...creeptastic.

  3. Sir Connery is indubitably a BAMF: Bond Ass Mofo. He's an excellent addition and I'm happy to see you highlighted his work in The Last Crusade. I friggen love that movie and a lot of it has to do with my love for an older, wiser Connery. And The Untouchables is untouchable in my book. That role alone qualifies him as BAMF.

    What makes Entrapment good is Catherine Zeta Jones. So beautiful and seductive though I'll admit one thing: Connery was, as you both point out, a little creepy in that movie.

  4. Bond Ass Mofo! I'm with you there. He just makes me happy. Period. Every time I see him in a movie I can't help but get a little excited. Whether he's a young, suave lady killer or an old wise man.

    The thing is, I do love me some Catherine Zeta Jones, and clearly I love the Connery, so maybe I have to check it out after all. Plus, she's just sexy as hell anyway, so I'm down with her playing seductress.

  5. No mention of the Spaniard he plays in Highlander? Shame. Sean showing that one accent fits all; even Spanish! Quintessentially Bond, and ace as Indy's Dad, Connery certainly is a BAMF.

  6. Apparently Highlander is one I have to see! Watching him attempt a Spaniard accent would be worth the viewing, period. And I'm glad you agree--dude's definitely BAMFtastic.

  7. Badass without a doubt! Have you seen "The Offense?" He's a twisted mess in it but still badass as hell. And besides he is "the" James Bond. SO many great parts! good pick!

  8. Ah Sean, what an ultimate BAMF. He is THE James Bond, no question. And Malone in The Untouchables is awe-inspiring. One of my favorite Connery roles, though, is the sexy as hell, subversive badass Capt. Marko Ramius in The Hunt For Red October. The sneaky way he steals his own effing submarine right from under the nose of the Soviet Navy without making his crew complicit is mind-blowing.

    There's also Jack Kehoe in The Molly Maguires and Ramirez in Highlander, oh and John Patrick Mason in The Rock.

  9. @ Brent--I haven't seen The Offense! Twisted mess Connery sounds intriguing. I think I'm going to have to get on that. Thanks, bro!

    @ Melissa--He really is THE James Bond. End of story. No denying it. Now The Hunt For Red October is definitely one I have to see. The soviets should just know by this point that they should never mess with Sean Connery. And it looks like I'm definitely going to have to get on some Sean Connery education.

  10. Haha - I was gonna cite Entrapment as reason A#1 why he's a badass. Sure, it's creepy to us, but the man was like 802 and he nails the Zeta. If I were him, I'd be pretty happy! Though, it makes it less creepy if you remember that he's only like a couple weeks older than her husband. ;)

    Worst movie - Medicine Man. Ugh, hated that thing. "I've found the cure to cancer...and lost it!" AKA Senior Moments, the Movie. Though, really, LXG is possibly the worst...

  11. I haven't seen Entrapment, so I really can't judge it either way. Though Sean Connery does age very well, so hell, if he can get Catherine Zeta Jones in his bed, more power to him. And Zeta pwn!

    HAHA! That sounds horrible. Senior Moments, The Movie. I'm loving it. League of Extraordinary Gentleman is definitely a bad one, even if an admitted guilty pleasure.

  12. he just took fourth place in my poll on best senior actors :)

  13. Badass! I'm totally going to check it out now.

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