Fight Club Rule #7:

7. If you're going to advertise for a reboot of Charlie's Angels, are you going to...
Charlie's Angels (2000).

a) Make it appealing to men, women, and lesbians by showcasing kickass women saving the world in skimpy outfits?

Charlie's Angels (2011).

b) Make it look like a Maxi-Pad commercial?

You decide.

(...how'd that get in there?)


  1. LMAO A maxi pad commercial!!! Too fucking true. Those bitches on the reboot look like they wouldn't know which end of a gun to aim and shoot. This series is so not going to work. They threw out the brilliance of Drew, Lucy and Cameron and turned these new angels into dim fashionistas.

    TV is working backwards as far as strong females. Pan Am, The Playboy Club, Mad Men, Real Housewives, Jersey Shore...all we're good for apparently is being greedy bitches, dependent wives and ignorant sex dolls. Now I'm going on a tear. Sorry! I think I should write this up in one huge rant.

  2. I think you do need to write up one huge rant! It really is infuriating. Everyone recommends all these great shows and "swears the women are strong", but they all seem like petty housewives and manipulative bitches. Even Boardwalk Empire, which I tried to do for my man Mr. Pink, came up short, with their strongest character as some "subtly strong" pansy woman. Really? Apparently being a strong woman has nothing to do with be independent, taking control, beating the shit out of anyone who comes in your way. No, it's all about marrying "the right man"...or stealing him from your next door neighbor.

    ....Is Haywire out yet?

  3. Haywire is going to rock! Can't wait to see that.

  4. @ Melissa--113 days and counting!

    @ Ty--It really is! Words cannot do justice to how excited I am for that movie.

  5. And now I'm looking up Haywire on wiki to learn what it is.

    My two cents - it don't see a maxi-pad ad so much (don't women wear jeans & pants in those?). It looks like their bridesmaid pictures. Also, one minority woman? How about two, Mr. White-centric American entertainment industry?

    I'd like to add this to the weak women dialogue - Lost. Now I loves me some Juliet & Penny, but the writers ruined most of the females on that show. Kate became rather lame as the series progressed. Worse still, at least two women (kate to jack, Ms. Hawking to Mr. widmore) did the crappiest thing ever: they slapped an ex for daring to mention their kids' name.

    "You don't get to say his name!" may sound tough and empowering - if you're an idiot. Hitting someone you were in a relationship with because they anger you is never cool, doesn't matter what gender of either person. It's the worst form of "feminism" possible. It's one thing to do that because you're called a bitch or a slut, but not because you had to raise a kid by yourself.

    Also, Sun forced her husband Jin to work for her mobster dad, than moped & cheated on him when the pressure of doing unjust things got to him. I swear, by the end of the show, I truly hated the way the writers wrote every woman, save Penny, Juliet, and Charlotte; they remained unscathed somehow. Thus endeth the rant of an egalitarian/feminist male.

  6. Dammit, you had to bring Lost into this. I have an undying love for that show, but the ridiculously frustrating thing about it is the women. The writers couldn't write women for shit. Like you said, every time they attempted to make an empowering woman, she fell flat on her face. I can't understand it for the life of me--they had so much potential awesome in their women, and they had GREAT male characters. But for some reason, their women all came off as whiney, petty, and dramatastic.

    Honestly, I couldn't even stand Juliet or Charlotte. I will give you Penny, though, I loved Penny. Her romance with Desmond really seemed to be the only romance that worked on that show, because she was one of the few women who actually took it upon herself to DO something about her plight...even if her plight happened to be her lost man. But hey, at least her and Desmond had some sort of respect for each other.

    Rousseau is the only other name I'll throw at you. She was strong, she was powerful, she was badass. Even if she was batshit fucking crazy. Maybe that's the only way Lost can write strong women? Either way, they killed her off like that, so maybe they knew not to push a good thing.

    In short? I totally agree with you. TV writers need to start writer badass female characters. And I will never turn to J.J. Abrams for my feminist fix, even if I love his crazy.

  7. Thanks!

    Yup, Des was probably the coolest male on the show (a credit to all Scots), and Penny was so cool. I loved Juliet because she was pragmatic and didn't become lame like Kate did. I was so put off by how cool, confident, gutsy, & capable Kate was in S1, then turned into a wreck with time. Charlotte just seemed less ruined than the rst, and never slapped a man for insufficient cause.

    Side note: Evangeline Lily is apparently a real tomboy who will climb trees on any excuse. Able & gorgeous, how sweet is that?

    JJ brings the cool, but his work inspired me to write a post entitled, "Is JJ Abrams a Sociopath?" He kills characters just to up the tension..

  8. That is definitely one of the frustrating things! Clearly, Evangeline Lily is a badass, and is JJ had just let her be a badass instead of making her all...weird and disconnected from everything, she could've been 10 times cooler than she actually was.

    And that is one of the best titles ever! And so fucking true. I definitely have to go looking for that post now.


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