It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Frakking Comic Con!

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Yes, I bit the nerd bullet went to the NY Comic Con this year. Dressed as Jake Lonnergan. Yes, it was frakking awesome. Don't worry, I won't bore you with an entire post of starry-eyed salivating (Chris Evans, Cobie Smulders, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Clark Gregg, Felicia Day, Frank Miller, Maggie Q, THE CAST FROM WALKING DEAD OH MY FRAKKING GODS). Just because it's a fun little factoid, I will tell you that Brian O'Halloran (Dante from Clerks) was by far the nicest celebrity of the bunch, which might've had something to do with the fact that his table was mostly empty. But what I really want to tell you all about is the little sneak peek they slipped in during the panel for Ghost Rider 2 (2012). No one actually wanted to be in that panel, because anyone who has seen Ghost Rider (2007) knows that it was a pile of wookie turd. However, eager to keep my spot instead of being thrown into a long line waiting for the panels for The Walking Dead and The Avengers, I sat through the panel. The directors (who'd previously worked on Crank), were actually pretty badass themselves. Even if they piss fire. Nonetheless, the best part was the clip for Total Recall (2012). I haven't seen the first Total Recall (1990), which is something I know I have to get on. With that in mind, this remake looks completely badass. Colin Farrell is actually acting, the set design is amazing, and the action is incredibly tense. And the nerds were satisfied. No one really has to worry about this beast of a remake, it's not coming out until August of 2012. Still, keep an eye out. That's all for now. Beam me up, Scotty. 


  1. I love Brain O'Halloran, Dante was my favorite Clerk. That rocks to the tenth power that you went as Jake, I bet you had one of the best costumes.

    Thanks for sharing about Total Recall. The first was a bit hammy to say the least as it was with the guvernator, but it's a great story and they did have some awesome f/x. Can't wait to see Colin Farrell's take on the character as he can actually act when he puts his mind to it.

  2. Brain O'Halloran is really the shit! I definitely loved him hard. And he was SO fucking sweet, he kept talking to me and my friend just because...we were chilling with him. Not a quick smile and an "okay, next" like everyone else. I've got to say, for favorite Clerks, I do have a soft spot for Randall. Shit, I have to see those movies again. That might have to be a mission.

    And thanks! The costume was ridiculously fun. Yay, ebay!

    Hammy or not, I'll be checking it out. Before or after the new one, I can't say. Maybe after, so I don't go in like "THIS IS NOTHING LIKE THE ORIGINAL", which...is exactly what I'm bound to do. Definitely hoping Colin Farrell actually acts in this one, because he always blows it out of the park when he does. Why is the man so opposed to actually...you know. Acting??


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