Bond 23: SKYFALL

SKYFALL (2012)

Bond 23, we've got a name...Skyfall!  Alright, maybe not the most clever name they've ever come up with, but hey. I'm just about flailing with excitement anyway. Skyfall has no direct connection to Craig's first two movies (no need to beat a dead horse), and it's not based on any Flemming novel (we've run out of material there anyway). Javier Bardem is cast as our villain, Albert Finney is an intelligance officer, and Naomie Harris plays a stunning field agent. Bérénice Marlohe is giving the title of Bond Girl a little French flair. The ever-loved familiar faces of Ralph Fiennes and Helen McCrory are also cast, though the details of their roles haven't yet been leaked. When asked about the various "unnamed" roles, Director Sam Mendes said: "[Bond fans] might recognize them...on the other hand, they might not." Q. and Moneypenny yes please and thank you?? And, of course, the lovely Judi Dench and Daniel Craig are still in the game. Now excuse me while I go hyperventilate with excitement.


  1. They've certainly picked some very gorgeous and interesting ladies in Berenice and Naomie. Not much for the title, either, but the plot sounds wicked good as M's past catches up with her. I am so freakin' glad that made M a woman. Judi has just owned that role.

  2. Yes! I knew there was something I left out. Plot. Eh, it's a Bond movie, who needs plot, right? But I am definitely looking forward to it, especially if it's going to be M-centric. Judi Dench LOVE.

  3. Looking forward to it too. Based on the last two, I'm pretty confident they know what's needed to make a good flick. Daniel Craig's the best since Connery.

  4. Word! No one can beat Connery, but I'd say Craig pulls a pretty nice lookin' second. I'm psyched.

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  6. Looking forward to it but read a rumor they are trying to be more serious than action-orientated though.

  7. @ Maddie0147--I only really pimp movie review blogs...but hi!

    @ Ty--All the Craig Bonds have been pretty damn serious. I think I actually heard Daniel Craig say that since this next one isn't part of the Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace storyline, they're going to get a lot more "Bondy"--campy, actiony, you name it. Then again, I could have just dreamt he said that. But we can hope!


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