BAMF Of The Week: Samuel L. Jackson

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Welcome to a new feature, inspired by the brilliant site Badass Of The Week. This is really no different from that, except these are Badass Motherfuckers. If you're scratching your head for the difference, here you go:

Bad*ass |'bad,as| informal
1. a person who kicks ass on a regular basis and heightens the testosterone levels of anyone within 10 feet of him/her/it.
2. Chuck Norris.
Bad*ass moth*er*fuck*er |'bad,as 'məðərˌfəkər| informal
1. a person who kicks ass on a regular basis and heightens the testosterone levels of anyone within 10 feet of him/her/it, after which he/she/it goes home and engages in intercourse with your mother.
2. BAMF.
3. Distant cousin to Samuel L. Jackson's wallet.
synonyms: a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker. 

As you can see, two completely different things. Clearly. With that, I'd like to kick off BAMF of the week with the ultimate BAMF, Samuel L. Jackson. The thing about this man is that it's impossible for him to be un-cool. I would not be surprised if he walks around everywhere with an orchestra behind him playing 70s Blaxplotation music. He's a cool cat until you set him off, and then you're going to wish you hadn't. He's got a voice of authority that will reign terror on your and your firstborn, especially when reciting Bible verses. He's gone from gangster-to-shepherd in Pulp Fiction (1994), he's done his best to save the prequels as Mace Windu, and he's suffered some very nasty animal attacks (Snakes On A Plane (2006), Jurrassic Park (1993) and Deep Blue Sea (1999)). He's been animated, narrated, and sung the blues. He's stolen every screen with his terrifying charm and preached classic line after classic line with that unforgettable voice. Samuel L. Jackson is, without a doubt, the ultimate badass motherfucker.


  1. I must concur. Anyone who will threaten to drop out of a movie if they change the name from "Snakes on a Plane" deserves serious props in my book.

    Besides. He has the friggin' wallet.

  2. The whole draw of Snakes On A Plane was just so you could come out of the theater and say "Hey, how're you doing, yeah, I just came from Snakes on a Plane, what about you?"

  3. Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate the support.

    Cool ass segment and cool site. Jackson is the unequivocal author of some of the most audaciously awesome lines ever. I loved his rapport with Bruce Willis in Die Hard. But as you highlight with the video, his greatest role ever was his "motherfucking" character in Pulp Fiction.

  4. Matty, my pleasure! Us insane movie bloggers have to stick out for each other, eh?

    Thanks for the compliments! Jackson is really way too cool for this planet. Bruce Willis is definitely another of my favorites--am I sensing a Pulp Fiction trend? Nonetheless, I have to agree with you, both of them in Die Hard is just about the best thing ever.

  5. Haha yes we do!

    Definitely a Pulp Fiction trend going on. Tarantino is a masterful movie maker. I am in total awe of his inventive, artsy, fantastical command of the visual storytelling space.

    It's kind of funny you make that observation because that film came up yesterday (I was watching Kill Bill on TV). In a total rhetorical manner, I asked my roommate Mikey (also a film junkie) what the best Tarantino film is, knowing of course that he would respond with Pulp Fiction. I mean, how can you not, right? So, in the spirit of Quentin fanfare, he doesn't disappoint me. Pulp all the way!

    That movie just reaffirms why I love movies and why I have no problem talking/writing about them.

  6. I always feel like it would be really hard for me to chose a favorite Tarantino film...but then I remember how fucking awesome Pulp Fiction is. It's a classic, pure and simple. One of those movies I can watch 10000 times without getting bored.

    Rock on with the Tarantino love!

  7. Thank you for your comment on my Gattaca segment :) sorry for the late reply, I've had a lot of exams at uni recently (I'll be releasing more entries over the next few weeks).

    Great blog! It would be pointless for me to say I agree with Samuel L Jackson being a BAMF because, lets face it, who would disagree?! He's the man. I'd perhaps suggest Joe Pesci for future BAMFs lol. I mean, he stabs a guy to death with a pen for sitting in his chair in 'Casino' (just ignore Home Alone lol).

    Keep it up! xxx


  8. Hey, no worries about late replies! I'm pleased if anyone gets back to me at all! And exams are definitely killer.

    Thanks! He's such the man! Joe Pesci is a great choice--the "Funny how?" scene in Goodfellas is another classic. I'll have to put him on the list!

  9. I saw this and had to read it. I love Sam L, he is the king of bad ass motherfuckers. Love that Jackie Brown AK-47 line. And Pulp Fiction, well that's just one of those experiences that keeps on giving.

  10. @ Melissa Bradley--Thanks! Samuel L. Jackson really IS the king of bad ass motherfuckers. The AK-47 line kills me every time. One of those things that only he could get away with. And Pulp Fiction is king.


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