Fight Club Rule #1:

1. You do not talk about Fight Club.


  1. "The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!" Tyler Durden rules! "Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight til they're burger."

    And Marla is one wise cracking bitch. "You're not getting this back. I consider it asshole tax."

    I have a sandbag in my basement that I have taken to beating because there is nothing like pounding the hell out of something when you're pissed or depressed.

  2. @ Andrew--Who doesn't?? Anyone who speaks poorly of this movie must be tarred and feathered pronto.

    @ Melissa--BWAHAHA! This movie is really the gift that really keeps giving. SO many quotable lines.

    And I fucking love Marla. She is a seriously badass chick. Asshole tax definitely needs to be a real thing.

    A sandbag sounds way healthier than an invisible friend who may or may not look like Brad Pitt. Perhaps I should look into it...


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