BAMF Of The Week: Rose McGowan

"'Try not to suck' is pretty much my general credo."
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She's funny, she's smart, she's sexy as hell. It's really hard not to love Rose McGowan. She's drop-dead gorgeous, but she still manages to avoid the pretty girl stereotype, adopting instead a bad mouth and a devil-may-care attitude. Her career really kicked off with Charmed (which, apparently, Tarantino is a fanboy of, who'da guessed?), but I never watch daytime TV so I've got nothing to say about that. I have unreasonably high hopes that she realizes badass works for her and keeps plugging down that road, but we'll see. I'm willing to admit there's a possibility this BAMF Of The Week has less to do with her acting career and more with her curves and her killer leg. Personally, I just love the way she says fuck. 

Best films: Scream (1996), The Black Dahlia (2006), Grindhouse (2007).

Worst films: You tell me, I've managed to keep myself blissfully ignorant of her horrid work. 

Best moments: Machine gun leg. Because you can't beat that. 

Best quotes: "No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!" (Scream)

Cherry: "Name's Cherry Darling..."
Wray: "Sounds like a stripper name."
Cherry: "No, it sounds like a go-go dancer name. There's a difference." (Grindhouse: Planet Terror)


  1. I have not seen Jawbreaker! It looks hilarious/ridiculous. May have to add that to a rainy day list.

  2. She was awesome in Grindhouse, I haven't really seen her in anything else except Scream though.

    But I did notice she was in the upcoming Conan Teh Barbarian, playing a pretty badass looking character, so maybe she's taking your advice ;)

  3. I actually haven't seen her in a heck of a lot, considering her career, but I feel like I've hit most of the highlights. I don't know if you can get much more badass than Cherry Darling.

    That does look badass! Hopefully it'll follow through with it's badassitry!

  4. Oh goodness she's so great! And yes I was going to point out Jawbreaker as well. I actually just started watching her in The Doom Generation but I haven't finished it yet.

    As for low points in her career... It would probably be Monkeybone, right? Though she still looked super hot in that cat get-up.

  5. I know, right? And that's two for Jawbreaker, I guess I officially have to check that one out now! I haven't seen The Doom Generation, but I looked it up just now and it actually looks like a good deal of fun, you'll have to let me know if it's any good.

    Monkeybone. I vaguely remember the really trippy commercials. It's a shame, because it's got a lot of good actors. By which I mean John Turturro's voice. So yeah, probably Monkeybone.

  6. Love, love Ms. Rose. She is one helluva of BAMF. I salute your choice for all those reasons. Not just anyone could rock a machine gun leg.

    She's got that cool mystique that shines through and I cannot wait to see her kick some barbarian ass in Conan.

  7. Thanks, homie! She really is a definitely BAMF. And she owns that fucking machine gun leg.

    I've got to read up on this Conan business that seems to have everyone stirring. But from the little that I do know about it, it's looking pretty damn badass, and I'm psyched.

  8. Totally agree! Mcgowan is a BAMF. Grindhouse was a classic. Her machine gun leg was one of the best parts of Planet Terror!

  9. BAMF for sure. Agree that the machine leg alone seals her place.Definitely do watch the DOom Generation too. She's awesome in it.

  10. @ Ty--You really can't beat the machine gun leg. No matter how hard you try, it's still there as the epitome of awesome. Even when she had a peg leg, she owned it.

    @ Brent--I will have to check out the Doom Generation! Just the name sounds like fun. Thanks for the recommendation!

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