Fight Club Rule #3:

Prom Night, Prom, Glee.
3. Prom. Is not. That fucking serious.

Unless you're this chick...


  1. Hahaha - it's even funnier that you have a Label for "fucking prom"

  2. Oh yeah? Writes the chick who got all dressed up in a pretty green dress and spent the night swing dancing.

    Not calling you out or anything.

  3. I feel called out. But at least I didn't wait with baited breath for prince charming to ask me out, get into bitchy cat fights, and sob about not being prom queen.

  4. Everyone should have a label for "fucking prom". If I see another movie advertisement telling preteens prom is the most important day of their life, I'm going to start slaughtering kittens.

  5. LMBFAO!!!! Fuck. The. Prom. And all the bad hair, ugly dresses and fake tans that go with it. It is so NOT the biggest night of your life and if it is, you need some serious drug therapy.

  6. Agreed! I'm all for high schools having prom, I'm all for kids dressing up and having a good time. But for fuck's sake. And America wonders why its children start taking antidepressants before the second they hit puberty.


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