BAMF Of The Week: Gina Carano

"You better run."

Don't even pretend like you're surprised. I know she's a bit of a "baby BAMF" since Haywire is her own real claim to faith so far, but in case you haven't noticed, I'm smitten. And this time, it has nothing only a little to do with the fact that I'm a lumberjack dyke. It's the fact that Gina Carano is just that badass. And more than that--she's bringing old school badassitry back. What I like most about Gina Carano is that she offers us hope. Hope that we can ditch the heartless, soulless age of CGI and return to what's real. Don't get me wrong--I like a good, pretty, special effects filled movie just as much as the next person. But it's been a while since we've had action heroes of Arnold Schwarzenegger proportions. Or Bruce Lee. Or Jackie Chan. These men are legends for a reason. They're built for war, they do their own stunts, and they're badass to the core.

There's a difference between actors who play the role of ass kicker and ass kickers who play the role of actors. I'm not saying one is particularly "better" than the other but...I am saying that, despite the recent trend for actors to do their own stunts, it's been a while since we've had a professional athlete like Gina Carano own the stage. In short, this BAMF Of The Week half goes to Gina Carano, and half goes to the hope that we'll see more action heroes like Gina Carano and Zoe Bell in days to come. You know. Before the Mayan Zombies eat our brains.

Best film: Haywire (2012).

Worst film: I haven't seen anything else of hers, but there's rumors that she'll be in the next Percy Jackson movie. I'm hoping this isn't true, since it kind of blows a very large giant hole in...this entire BAMF post.

Best moments: Whooping Michael Fassbender's ass.

Upcoming: No other news besides Percy Jackson...but I've still got my fingers crossed for Mallory reprise.

In the end, there's no better way to sum her up except to say in the wise words of the interwebs...


  1. Hell to the yes on this one. Baby BAMF, shit a BAMF is BAMF as far as I am concerned. If she's in the new Percy Jackson movie, I hope it's as one of the monsters from the book. They were pretty cool. Of course this is Hollywood we're talking about and they can turn a giant, slavering two-legged werewolf into four-legged coyote quicker than you can scream. Hopefully she'll get one of the good roles.

    I hope Gina does not go the way of Cynthia Rothrock, a female athlete of epic awesomeness who had a career in martial arts films and very low budget flicks. Cynthia is still my girl though. She fights with hook swords and holds six black belts in six different martial arts.

  2. Hell yeah! And considering Hollywood turned Io, the woman cow chased by gadfly, into a woman "cursed with infinite beauty", I'd say it's anyone's guess what they'll do next. Hephaestus, the effeminate man who walks with a "limp" wrist? Now that I'd said that, I'd actually pay money to see it.

    And I do not know who this Cynthia Rothrock is, but between her name and the hook swords and the six black belts, I think I just fell in love. Time to stalk her--er--check out her movies immediately.

  3. Saw Haywire on Saturday...goodness. I hope when my time has come that some BAMF like Ms. Carano chokes me out with her massive thighs. Only so I can experience heaven, prior to going straight to Hell.

  4. I tried to think of a witty comeback, but honestly I couldn't have said it better. The woman's a beast. End of story.

  5. Excellent choice for a BAMF! She ruled Haywire...about being the next Cynthia Rothrock: not that bad an idea, Carano's movies would have more of a budget now.

  6. Thanks! And I've got to agree...everything Gina Carano does from here on out is awesome. I'm hooked.

  7. Carano was the best part of that film. She could use some voice and diction classes but the fight scenes were amazing. If the rest of the cast had put in as much effort as she did the film would have been much improved. I was a little sad we did not get to see her kill Antonio Banderas at the end of the film. Nice post

  8. The fight scenes were epic. End of story. The rest didn't bother me so much. Sure, for such an epic supporting cast they didn't get that much screen time, but I think the last fight scene with Ewan McGregor alone is enough to warrant the man's presence. Thanks!

  9. Strangled between Gina Carano's thighs = best way to die. That's not how Fassbender died, but still.

  10. She had a cameo in Blood and Bone. Wasn't much of a display of her badass though


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