Grand Opening Of Sister Site!


It's official: I'm addicted to movies. Unable to sate my cinematic gluttony with only The Smoking Pen (why am I linking that? You're already here), I've created my second monster. Behold: Feed Me A Stay Cat! (Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the blog). It's a little more polite and concise and features movies of all genres, not just badass movies. Clearly, it's only just opened and has all of one review (and not very concise at that...hush), but I'll get the ball rolling on it soon. And never fear, The Smoking Pen won't fall into decay, I'll keep things rockin' and rollin' here for you hip jive cats. It's just another branch of my film obsession. 

In short, head on over, check it out. After all, insanity loves company.

M. Hufstader


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  2. Congrats! As a sign of my support and appreciation, accept this link to Hulu, which posted the first 5 mins of Haywire.


    Who (platonically) loves ya

  3. Thanks, homie! And goddamn. Haywire. It couldn't get more awesome if it tried. In the words of a great movie: I love you, man!

  4. very cool! I'll be happy to see more from you! Certainly there is much worthwhile that isn't all badass. Consider me there!

  5. Thanks Brent! The non-badass movies are...badass in their own way. Just...you know. Not so many exploding cars.

  6. Wicked! I've already checked it and followed. What a great new site. Congrats on branching out the awesomeness.

  7. I've noticed! Thanks, home! I appreciate the positive love!

  8. Late, but my congrats as well. On my way over now. Though, is it just me, or was the badass/non-badass thing in regards to what could be posted here more in your head than out there explicitly? I don't think I would have skipped a beat had you done a review of, say, Hugo or The Descendants on here.

    Anyway, coolio, and awesome fucking site name.

  9. Good point! I probably could've carried through with a review for Hugo if I felt like it, but this is definitely my...action-oriented blood-and-bullets trigger-happy safe place. I have put up a couple reviews that fall in that grey area--mainly horror films, or psychological thrillers like Black Swan, etc. You're probably not going to see me calling Simba from the Lion King a little furry badass anytime soon (though he is). Still, I just felt better with the separation. But I'm also that person who can't let my peas touch my pasta on the dinner plate.

    Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy.


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