BAMF Of The Week: Noomi Rapace

"I'm interested in people's darker side."

It's really no secret that I want to have all of Noomi Rapace's babies. But this is coming from a woman who harbors an unhealthy lust for Uma Thurman, so I have a bit of a sweet tooth for women with guns. The thing about Noomi Rapace is she's not your average pretty woman. She's got that harsh Swedish thing going on, that whole "fuck you, I'm a woman in control of my destiny" vibe, which in Hollywood terms means she might as well have leprosy. Still, she's shaken off her Swedish skin and has been very quickly climbing the ladder of American cinema, purely on account of the fact that she just exudes badassitry. And that is something you've really got to give an actress props for. There are very few women who can hold their own in Hollywood without playing the damsel in distress every other film (and by "very few women", I really mean just one), but Rapace seems to really be digging her heels into mainstream movies and landing great roles. So maybe Hollywood will chew her up and spit her out in a couple years, so while this trend of badassitry is climbing high for her, I'm going to enjoy it while I can. 

Best films: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009), Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (2011).

Worst films: To my knowledge, none, yet. Granted, I haven't checked out any of her Swedish films, because...you know. AMERICA! But if anyone knows if any of them are good, toss them my way.


Upcoming films: She landed a leading role alongside Michael Fassbender in Ridley's Scott's Prometheus (2012). Has there ever been so much badassitry in one sentence?


  1. Props to Noomi. Total badass all the way. I'm hoping she's part of a whole new type of actress. That roles like Lisbeth and Mallory Kane become the norm and actresses like Noomi, Rose, Gina, Uma and Michele become the standard. Sick to death of women getting dragged along as vics, cannon fodder or fuck toys for the men.

  2. Word. To everything you just said. I wish I could believe that actresses were "coming into their own" and it's finally acceptable for women to be badass...but it's not like this is news. People always have and always will like badass women. It's just taking a long ass time for the people behind the curtain to actually get the news. Haywire, Haywire, Haywire...

  3. I Love Noomi. I mean LOVE her. I was drawn into her harsh beauty the first time I saw her in TGWTDT. Thought she did an awesome job as the gypsy fortuneteller in the new Sharlock Holmes movie /even mentioned in my review she's the special ingredient/, and can't wait to watch her in Prometheus. She kicks ass. Literally. :) You should check out the other two "The Girl..." films from the Millennium trilogy if you have the chance. Great post!:)

  4. @ Nebular--I see we have a contender for Noomi's affection! Fight to the death! But I agree with you all the way, she's just lovely and pulled off the whole gypsy thing brilliantly. Prometheus is going to kick so much ass. I definitely have to check out the rest of the trilogy--must get on that!!

    @ Anonymous--Thanks! I agree!

  5. It's great to see her getting some primo parts. Of course, any director with even half a brain would want her after her Lisbeth role. She just kicks so much ass it's not even funny.

  6. Agreed! Noomi Rapace kicks a ridiculous amount of ass. I just hope she keeps up this trend and stays true to her badass self!

  7. I'm afraid I can't support you on your love of Uma (blondes = zzZZzzZz in my book). But I'm with you on Noomi all the way. Has she shown sweater pups in any of her films as of yet? I'd like to confirm my personal suspicion that she's sporting nipplage of the darker-hued variety.

    I appreciate her badassitry, as well.

  8. I can't sway you on blondes, but I can agree that Noomi is the shit. I have a feeling the only time she might drop the shit in GWTDT is probably a traumatizing moment rather than a sexy one, but she does have many unturned Swedish films...one of these days, I'll have to hunt through them.


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