Shout outs!

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Every now and then I get off my lazy ass and give some pimpage to the truly badass badasses of the movie blogging world. It's been a while since I paid my dues, so some of this is old news. But better late than never, right? Without further ado, check these peeps out:

1. First and foremost, my girlfriend coins the term "Fassy's Fulsome Flesh". You heard it here first, kids.

2. This man. THIS. Two Dollar Cinema is hilarious and he loves Haywire. Plus, we're both Ms. Brilliant.

3. Thank the ever badass Craig for this one. James Bond's beautiful car flip from The Man With The Golden Gun (1974). WITHOUT the ridiculous sound effects. Life has meaning again:

4. From Cherokee of Feminizing Film comes an excellent response to Bridesmaids, without the cupcake sugar-coating.

5. Speaking of feminism, Melissa gives an excellent rant about Zombies vs. Housechores at Melissa's Imaginarium.

6. What would pimpage be without shameless self-promotion? I made a list of my top five examples of narration done right in film over at Feed Me A Stray Cat!, so feel free to give it a look through.

That's all for now! Tune in next time for something involving Jason Stathem...(if I can actually get some writing done).


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, M!

    And some great links to others blogs, too.

  2. My pleasure! It was an awesome write-up. Glad you enjoyed them!

  3. Fellow M!!!! Thanks for the tip of the cap toward the ever-juvenile twodollarcinema! That's all kinds of awesome.

    Badass abounds!

  4. You're very welcome! You entertain me all the time, so you earned it.

  5. Thanks for the shout out my fave BAMF! I'm slap freakin' happy you enjoyed my rant on zombies and women's work. That was some bullshit on the part of the writers of WD. I hope they bring in the loner chick from the comics 'cause Andrea and Laurie are seriously stomping on my last nerve.

  6. Oh man! Check one off the bucket list! Getting a shout out from The Smoking Pen! Thank you sooooo much! All of these are terrific pointers to some fun posts! Cheers all around!

  7. You're so welcome! Between you and Cherokee, I was apparently on a feminist kick and needed more of it in my life. I love The Walking Dead to pieces, but that's the one part of the show that just drives me INSANE.

  8. @ Craig--Ahahaha! Knock down that bucket list! You're so welcome! It was a brilliant find, I had to pass on the Bond love.


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