My Name Is M. And I'm A Linkaholic.


It's around that time I pimp out some my fellow bloggers, since I've been reading some BAMF posts recently. I know the movie blog community has one of those "big city with a small town feel" things going on, so I may be introducing nothing new, but hell, nothing wrong with rereading! 

1. As a fellow writer (alright, alright...as a wannabe writer linking herself to a published writer) outside of the blogsphere, I feel it's my brotherly duty to promote the fact that the lovely Melissa has a new book published! All fanmail goes this way.

2. Just when I thought I gave Sucker Punch a decent write-up, FilmMattic had to go and say it better than I ever could. In all his articulate glory here.

3. Back tracking a little here, but Castor threw up a list of the 10 most typecast actors in Hollywood. But, you know. Typecast in a nice way. 

4. Oh, Nebular. Why are your lists always so spot on? He gives yet another brilliant list with his top ten horror movies of 2010.

5. Samurai movies. Surprisingly, not always my thing. And maybe I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon. However. Sledge makes me want to me see 13 Assassins pronto.

And now I'm off to see Hanna (2011). BRING IT, SAOIRSE.


  1. Thanks for the plug! You'll be delighted to know I returned the favor with my latest post!

  2. Thanks! M, you rock as a pimp! I would so go through a door with you.

    Hey, have you ever seen The Long Kiss Goodnight? Geena Davis plays one BAMF in there and Sam L is hilarious. Hope you enjoyed Hanna.

  3. @ Matt--No problem! And reciprocation is always love, I'm heading over to check it out now!

    @ Melissa--What can I say? It's hard out here for a pimp.

    And I haven't seen that! Adding it immediately to my list. Sam L=love.

    Speaking of Hanna--OMG. I so did. I enjoyed the hell out if it. Depending on how mature the little one you're taking to see it is, you might need to cover her eyes occasionally, but...I think she may like it anyway. It's everything I wanted and then some.


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