Fight Club Rule #2:

2. Don't let a dyke with penis envy watch Boogie Nights (1997). She will want to be Dirk Diggler for the rest of her natural life.


  1. Watching Boogie Nights with you is BY FAR the best decision I've ever made. "That's right."

  2. LMAO!! Wonder what Tyler Durden would have to say about this rule? Damn, now you've made me want to run out and watch Boogie Nights again. Hope it's on Netflix instant.

  3. @ Elizabeth--I agree wholeheartedly! Once again, excellent date night choice!

    @ Melissa--Yeah, I poetic licensed the Durden a little, he'll probably come and beat me up while telling me to stop hitting myself. But you should definitely rewatch, on instant Netflix or not. I thought it was going to be a stupid movie about Mark Wahlberg's dick, but it actually turned out to be an excellent movie about Mark Wahlberg's dick. I approve.

  4. You just saw this for the first time!?!? Wow...what a treat you had. Boogie is phenomenal, and the best part is that it only gets better with repeat viewings. So many choice characters, lines of dialogue, directorial awesomeness, songs, etc., etc. And, well, of course, a buck naked Heather Graham, which we can all appreciate.

    As for your rule...another wow. That should be on a plaque somewhere.

  5. I know, right? I've literally been meaning to see this for forever and JUST finally got around to seeing it. And now that I've seen it, I'm looking forward to watching it again and again. I'll agree with you completely, the characters are epic, and the writing period is fantastic. Especially for a movie, when watered down, is about Mark Wahlberg's big dick.

    I'm glad you appreciated it! Definitely plaque time.


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