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We all have our favorite movies. That movie you've watched it multiple times, making friends and family suffer through it because only a soulless fuck wouldn't love this movie as much as you do. But you know you've found something really special when you watch it, pause about two seconds to let the epicness that is everything you've just seen on screen sink in, and then hit the replay button to watch the entire thing all over again. I can't think of a better compliment to a movie than to watch it twice...in a row. In my long and weary life of twenty two years, I've paid this compliment to all of three movies. Roll it.

1. Pulp Fiction (1994)
I don't think this one is a surprise to anyone. But I was a bit of a movie virgin when I first saw this movie--I hadn't seen any other Tarantino's and I didn't recognize any of the actors or actresses because I simply never bothered to remember their names (ah, the simple days). I'd picked this one up randomly, not particularly thrilled by the cover and not even that eager to watch it. Nonetheless, I sat down with my younger sister and popped it in. We sat in silence until the credits rolled, paused only long enough to rewind it (ah, VHS), and then unanimously agreed that we had to watch it again. Immediately.

2. Road To Perdition (2002)
Yet another movie with an unglamorous start. This was a sick-day movie rental. Something to keep me company while I sniffled and focused on fighting the cold with my badass antibodies. So I turned it on, watched it, hoped to fall asleep half way through so I wouldn't have to deal with my miserable state of existence. What I got was something entirely unexpected. Something that kept me riveted at every second. Something so good that I had to invite a friend over just so I could rewatch it right away.

3. Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King (2003)
I know what you're thinking. So how many days did that one take to rewatch? This one was neither a sick day nor a reluctant watch. I went to the theaters knowing I would love it. So what did I do? I bought my ticket, sat down, fell into fan hysteria for a near three hours, and then hung around for the next showing to do it all over again. Nerdom at its finest.

And that was my walk down memory lane. Your turn. What movies did you watch that were so good you had to rewatch instantly?


  1. All three LOTR films were instant rewatches for me and I saw each of them four times in the theater. The Howling was another. I loved that movie the first time I saw it and have never stopped. Goodfellas was a definite rewatch. It is bar none my favorite gangster movie along with Road to Perdition.

  2. Goddamn, good choice with Goodfellas. Definite instant rewatch material, and I probably would have if I wasn't paralyzed with the glory that was Ray Liotta. The Howling I have actually never seen, and since I'm pretty sure that's the second time you've recommended it, I must get on that!!

  3. The Harry Potter films...
    I actually do rewatch stuff, but mostly like my favourite parts or the one I thought I didn't get completely the first time.

    I think Scott Pilgrim was an instant rewatch for me.

  4. Niiiice! Definitely had a Harry Potter week. Something about them being on TV all the time. Really just to go "awww, they so widdle!"

    I rewatch aplenty, but there are very few movies I'll rewatch in full length seconds after seeing it for the first time. Scott Pilgrim. Another one I completely missed the boat on. I have to get on that shit!

  5. I think the only film I have re-watched almost straight away (akin to your ROTK story) was *choke* Phantom Menace. Sorry. In retrospect it's clearly not that good, certainly not in the same league as ROTK, but hey, brand new Star Wars was in the cinema!

    As an aside I've never re-watched ROTK immediately, but along with a bunch of friends I've watched all 3 extended edition LOTR films in one day. Maaaan, that was a long day! Fab though!

  6. Hey, many props to owning up to it! And I can understand that, if I'd seen Phantom Menace in the theaters I would probably have fangasmed for hours until I went home, realized how shitty it really was, and proceeded to blow my brains out.

    And I've definitely done that as well!! It was a wonderful day of epic proportions. Nothing better than a LOTR marathon!

  7. I completely agree with Pulp Fiction and Road to Perdition. They're so good it's tough to pull away from them. LOTR was also good but that type of story I can only take now and then. To add a few off the top of my head: Reservoir Dogs, True Romance, King of New York and Bad Lieutenant (the original with Harvey Keitel.)

  8. Ahhhh, great movies! Reservoir Dogs I can definitely watch on a loop. King of New York is actually one I haven't seen--now I have to check that out. Harvey Keitel is just a genus, end of story.

  9. A troika of rewatchability! I've seen Pulp Fiction & Road to Perditino more times than I've changed shoes. And I love me a good pair of footwear.

    QT has nursed my unflinching love of cinema and as his seminal film, Pulp Fiction played the biggest supporting role.

    As for gangster films, you know where I stand. Road to Perdition is as good as it gets. It stands right alongside American Beauty as Sam Mendes best work.

    Nifty post :)

  10. They're certainly wonderfully badass films! QT is a genius. End of story. And Pulp Fiction, in my opinion, is definitely his best.

    Road to Perdition is the best! American Beauty is also badass--both are very satisfying movies.

    Thanks, homie! Glad to see your face!

  11. I am more of a rewatch 3 days in a row kind of girl. I've done this with countless films, especially if it's only an hour or so of the movie at a time and then picking it back up where I left off. I have a friend who basically replays every single movie that she watches at home. Whether it's something new or a movie she's seen a dozen times, she always replays it. I don't quite get that sort of devotion but she seems to enjoy it.


  12. Ah, nice choice for a post! For my part, I know I've done it with Empire Strikes Back, as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark. Kinda obvious, but they're both great.

    The more interesting one was my first adult rewatch of Pee Wee's Big Adventure. My friend played his VHS tape of it, and I pulled out my rewound copy and we did it all again. What a crazy, hysterical film! It's a shame Burton seems to be stuck in his own loop these days, right.

    @French Toast - sounds like your friend watches those TNT weekend where they replay one movie like 8 times

  13. @ Jess--3 days in a row? I'd say that's a lot of devotion itself, even if it isn't an instant consistent replay like your friend--though I think Thaddeus is onto something there. Thanks for the comment!

    @ Thaddeus--Thanks, homie! Both are great choices. I couldn't get enough of Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark if I tried.

    I have actually never seen Pee Wee's Big Adventure, and I never intended to until I read your comment. Now that I have, that actually does sound like a hilarious watch with a group of friends. And possibly an absence of sobriety. You never fail to pleasantly surprise!


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