Oh Snap, M. Did Something Right.


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's The Smoking Pen's first blogger award! All the thanks for this one goes straight to the ever articulate, right on, and badass Matthew Vanacore, also known as FilmMattic. I tip my hat, good sir. Now in the words of Steve (I'm certain to get my award revoked purely for this reference), "if you two fellas are done blowing each other..."

There are four rules for Fight Club receiving this award. They are...

1. Link back to your awarder: Matthew Vanacore!
2. Unearth 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered bloggers. Because movie blogging is apparently a small town, Matthew just happened to award...more than half the people I would've given this award to. However, in the spirit of avoiding repeats, I'm going to hand this bad boy out to the few I read constantly that he didn't mention.
4. Once I name you as a recipient, just come back to my blog and pick up your award (oh, and congratulations)!

And so, in no particular order, the award goes to...(drum roll please)...

Congrats to you all--this is the award that just keeps giving, isn't it? And now for that dirty bit of personal information...


1. I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for near five years now. Which is about 25 years in lesbian years. She's the actress, I'm the writer, we're both doomed to be geniuses in a cardboard box and we're quite happy with that, thank you very much. 

2. I've only fully finished one screenplay. Absolutely nothing's come of it. Yet. It's about mafia and Ancient Greek history. Think Guy Ritchie meets Frank Miller. Yeah. I went there. 

3. About the Ancient Greek thing. I'm kind of an Ancient Greek/Roman nerd? Gods who have sex with their sisters, people who eat their children, swan rapists? Count me in. The only furry thing I currently own is a hamster who's suffered the brunt of my ancient history fetish by bearing the name Virgil--the Roman who decided to fill in all of Homer's blank spaces with The Aeneid yet has been reduced to "that man who escorted Dante through hell". Or, you know. My hamster.

4. I'm looking to finish "Screenplay No. 2" pronto. I'm midstream in Script Frenzy, so here's so hoping I actually finish it. If this is your first time reading about Script Frenzy and you're interested, you can still catch up--six pages a day doesn't sound too impossible, right? 

5. When I was a child, my favorite movie was All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989). Rewatching it, I've realized it's a child's gangster movie. Carface? They weren't even trying to hide it. I feel like this explains everything about me. 

6. Politically speaking, I'm a dirty hippy: Legalize Gay Marriage, Leave Britney Planned Parenthood Alone!, Green Is Good, Legalize Pot. 

7. I walk really loudly. I've come to the conclusion that it's a defense mechanism to scare away larger predators, what with only reaching the height of a sad 5"2. 

There you have it! Now allow me to go off and do a victory dance. 


  1. Thanks for the award! Added it to my blog w/ a link to this post. May not have time to do the other steps that are tied to the award, will see.

    - Sujewa

  2. Ooh go you! And congrats on hitting the five year mark with your girlfriend- I think 5 years is an accomplishment in any relationship. Your script sounds awesome, and I wish you luck with your second one!

    Thanks for the tag, I am honored to be considered badass enough!

  3. @ Sujewa--You're most welcome! No problemo, I hope all is well with you!

    @ Alex--Thanks and thanks! It's been five years or awesome, and I'll need all the luck I can take on the script so I appreciate it!

    You're welcome! Damn right you're badass enough!

  4. Haha, fantastic acceptance speech. Your cutting wit is always at the forefront. Glad to have you as a blogging friend!

    And thanks for reciprocating the mention!

  5. Also a screenplay teetering between Mafia and Greek mythology. Friggen awesome. Good luck with it and your sophomore effort. I have all the confidence in you!

  6. Thanks, homie! Least I could do. Blogging friends are always FTW.

    And thanks! It's about as similar as Care Bears and teen slasher movies, but somehow it works. Here's to hoping!

  7. Congrats on the award!! So very well deserved. Sorry I'm a bit late, had a busy, but wicked fun weekend that involved a little too much sangria and some wild laughs.

    Guy Ritchie meets Frank Miller?! Call H-Wood right freakin now because I so want to see this made into a movie. I can see it now...Sorry going off into fantasies of leather clad wiseguys with spears.

    I'm a dirty hippy politically speaking as well and I'm shorter than you at 5 feet. I knew there were several more reasons why you are one of my fave people.

  8. Thanks, homie! Too much sangria and wild laughs is definitely a good reason to be late, and sounds like a fun weekend!

    Bwahaha, thanks! Hopefully I can get my ass into gear with it. Leather clad wiseguys with spears would really be the shit, now I might have to make some wardrobe changes.

    You're one of my fave people too! Short people power! Whenever people make fun of the short people, I only have two words for them: Leia Organa. Woman kicks ass at a mere 5"1. Suck it, giants.

  9. Awesome, thanks for the award! Made a note of it in my "press" section. Congrats to all of the winners, thanks for including me! :)

  10. You're very welcome! And no problemo! Us chick movie bloggers have to stick together, no?

  11. Aww, I'm your number one fact. Rock on.

    Also, you're not just loud on the stairs. You're impossible. Every time you walk up the stairs at my apartment complex, I feel like I'm going to get evicted for waking the neighbors. I mean, I love you. Very much. But my God, for Christmas this year, you're getting fuzzy slippers, and you're wearing them everywhere we go.

    Another fact -- you can't walk in a straight line.

    A final fact -- those two facts are two of my favorite things about you. And also, how you can take my little prodding in stride. That, and how you let me pluck your eyebrows. And let me goad you into cleaning under your fingernails. And putting gel in your hair. And other girly things you actually hate but do because I get a little thrill out of doing them.

    Whaa -- did I just use this BAMF movie blog to wax poetic? Why yes, I think I did.

  12. You're always my number one fact! Rock on!

    And after I heard "Also, you're not just loud on the stairs" I was certain this was about to get dirty. But I am glad we stayed on my tiny but loud feet. I'm all for giant fuzzy slippers. Made out of muppet flesh.

    And I fucking love your waxing poetic. Not the waxing so much. Just when it's poetic. I'll take a little girling for any excuse to get your hands on me. Oh snap. I went there. What up?

    In short, I love you!

  13. congrats on the award, we positively adore our Matty Vanacore :) but the award wasn't an excuse for you to get boozed up at the afterparty ;)

  14. Thanks! Who doesn't love themselves some Matty? And I need no excuse to get boozed up at the afterparty, my friend, no excuse.

  15. Why thank you, kind lady! I am so flattered to receive your award. I have numerous lame reasons for not being able to do all the steps required, but (not meaning to sound like a braggy-McDouchenhiemer) I have received the award in the past and will be happy to provide a link to all of my answers to the questions right cheerio...


  16. Ack, I've failed in handing out the award to people who didn't already have it! Well, you deserve it twice! You're entirely welcome! I'll definitely be checking out the link!

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