11 Badass Questions

Hot damn! So there's this blogger award going around like the zombie virus and I've been bitten by not one, but three badass bloggers. They also happen to be three of my favorite peeps, so check these bad boys & girls out! We've got Two Dollar Cinema, Can You Dig It?, and Being Norma Jeane. Now, onto the award before limbs start falling off.

Here are the rules, snagged from Two Collar Cinema, who snagged then from Cinematic Corner. It's a deep, dark rabbit hole:

1. Tell us 11 things about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions the blogger who awarded you asked
3. Pass the award to 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions.
5. Tell them about the award.
6. Don't award people who are recipients already.

With that said, there are 11 things about me:

1. I have watched the Firefly series multiple times. No regrets. I also have a signed autograph from Jewel Staite after I jumped on her waited patiently in line at Comic Con. 
2. On the topic of Comic Con, I probably had my nerdiest moment talking to Nicki Clyne with a hat over my head, since she was wearing a shirt with spoilers and I had yet to finish Battlestar Galactica. 
3. If a Jason Statham movie is on TV, I will always watch it. 
4. I'm a serial procrastinator. In case that isn't already obvious. It it was the last day the earth before the earth spontaneously combusted, I'd probably still sleep in. 
5. I watch Dr. Phil on a regular basis. It started because my girlfriend likes it, but now I believe that man has the answer to everything. 
6. I'm addicted to Solitaire. 
7. The first week I moved in with my girlfriend, I decided to help around the house and do the dishes. That experiment ended with soap bubbling out of the dishwasher and pooling onto the floor, a la I Love Lucy
8. Everything is better with hot sauce. Everything. 
9. I grew up with Hey Arnold and I'm more excited than I should be that it's on Netflix now.
10. I've got a sister two years younger than me who trolls all movies. And it never fails to crack me up. 
11. I've just started the second Song Of Ice And Fire book, and I'm getting ready for George R. R. Martin to eat my soul.

Onto the questions! Brace yourself...

  1. What made you start your blog? Everyone was sick of hearing my movie rants, so I figured I might as well invent a space to get it all out. 
  2. Have you ever seen a movie more than once in the theater? Oho yeah. Generally, I try to avoid seeing the same movie in theaters more than once so my wallet doesn't yell at me. However, I do cave now and then. The last one I saw twice was The Avengers. I stand by that one. But my worst case of repeated-movie-offense was Return Of The King. I saw that one opening night with my friends, and then that same day saw it again with my family. No regrets. 
  3. Tell me the actor/actress and the certain role they played that made them your favorite. My favorite actor/actress? Impossible question. I do go through obsessions, however. No other way to say it. Currently, I'm running through Jeremy Renner's filmography. It started with The Avengers, but The Hurt Locker really did me in.
  4. If I thought movies were a waste of time, what would you show me to change my mind? The Matrix. I think it's physically impossible for anyone not to enjoy that movie. 
  5. What's the best animated film of all time? Alright, I can probably watch The Lion King more often than any other animated film. Plus, gotta love me some Jeremy Irons. 
  6. Front row, back row, or right in the middle? Front. Always. 
  7. Desert Island Time. You get one movie and one soundtrack. And Hell, if you want to, you get an actor or actress, too. Let's hear it. If I'm stuck on a desert island, I'm taking Melanie Laurent with me and we're listening to anything she wants to listen to. That, or I'm taking Jurassic Park, the Trainspotting soundtrack, and Zach Galifianakis so we can get high until someone comes to save us. 
  8. What's the scariest movie experience you've ever had? I'm one of those people who is always more afraid by the physiological thrillers than by the standard scary-shit-popping-at-you-for-no-reason. That said, Blood Simple scared the crap out of me. Granted, I haven't seen it in a good 5 years, but it's still on my most frightening list. 
  9. You are given the power to completely erase the existence of one film. What are you picking? A Man And A Woman. I know there's probably something redeemable about it, but I just could not make it through that one. Couldn't do it. There are very few movies I turn off without watching all the way through, but that was it. 
  10. Who would be on the Mt. Rushmore of Action Heroes? Alright, this one is for me. I'm there. Indiana Jones, James Bond (Sean Connery's version), The Terminator, and Bruce Lee (let's be real--he's his own character).
  11. And finally, have you ever clapped at the end of a movie? Really? Guilty as charged, guilty as charged. 
  1. Top 5 favourite quotes (can be in TV, film, books, comics)?
    1. "I've got a drinking problem."
    2. "Dawgs."
    3. "I know."
    4. "Say 'auf Wiedersehen' to your Nazi Balls."
    5. "There's only one trilogy, you fucking morons."
  2. Whose your favourite incarnation of James Bond and why? Sean Connery. He's just quintessential Bond. He's a charmer, he's a good action hero, and he delivers humor brilliantly. 
  3. You're facing off a sea of highly-trained ninjas alone, who would you want as your badass back-up to make sure you don't end up digging your own grave? Thor. Because he's a fucking God and no one dies in Superhero movies. 
  4. Back in your school days, if you were faced with a Battle Royale scenario where you and your class were thrown onto an island, with days to survive and no escape but to kill each other, would you go along with the game and murder your classmates, or find another way out? Damn, intense shit. I'd probably die. Not even gonna lie. I'd befriend Mitsuko and end up with a knife in my back.
  5. Have you ever watched, read, or listened to anything that has completely altered your opinion on something (from drug taking, to marriage, to political parties)? Hmm...tough question. I'm sure I have. I think The Matrix fucked with my anchor to reality for a bit. Morpheus, get me out of here!
  6. If you weren't blogging about what you do blog about, are there any other topics you'd like to explore outside of your chosen field? Fiction writing. I do enough of it to write about, I just have yet to publish anything. Ah, the plights of an unpublished writer. 
  7. Is there a particular song, book, poem, film, episode of a TV show, comic, or anything else that you can't listen/watch/read because it is too upsetting to relive, and if so, why? Probably anything written by Sarah Palin. 
  8. What is your most least-liked, popular franchise (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Twilight, etc.) and why? Twilight, for its crusade against the English language. 
  9. There are many moments I can think of, but what do you think is the worst decision made by Oscar voters in any category and why? Their lack of appreciation for Hotel Rwanda
  10. Watching uncomfortable scenes with parents/family - fine or painfully embarrassing? Used to be painfully embarrassing, now we could care less. 
  11. Would you have fought your way through Boromir's hardened grip and tried to save Gandalf when you thought he had fallen to his death? Gandalf is a BAMF, I knew he would make it through. 
  1. What was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase? My dick.
  2. Who's head will you go all "Being John Malkovich" in? Quentin Tarantino. Definitely. 
  3. A cinema personality whose biopic you want to see, and who would play them? There were rumors that Sacha Baron Cohen would play Freddie Mercury. I want this to happen. 
  4. A film you wish you lived in. Brazil. That's some fucked up shit. 
  5. What do you think of when I say Bollywood? Streets filled with dancing. 
  6. Hero, villain or antihero? Also, who is your favourite from the chosen character type? Villain. I've always got a soft spot for the bad guys. 
  7. Favourite supporting role of all time. I can't chose one, so I'm going to go with any snide action hero sidekicks. The more sarcastic, the better. 
  8. Favourite music video. Howlin' For You.
  9. Favourite cartoon show from your childhood. I named my dog after Daggett from Angry Beavers.
  10. A film you wish you had made and would have been remembered for. Boogie Nights. Every time I watch it, I wish I made it. 
  11. Favourite joke. So this grasshopper walked into a bar, and the bartender said, "You know, I've got a drink named after you." And the grasshopper said, "You've got a drink named Ron?"
Aaaand that's the end of the questions! Now I get to name 11 victims award recipients:
  1. 3D--yes or no?
  2. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?
  3. What movie would you like to see in theaters that you never got to see?
  4. What's your major draw for a movie: actors, director, or script?
  5. Who is your favorite person to watch movies with?
  6. Who are your top three favorite action heroes? 
  7. The zombie apocalypse is upon us--what movie characters do you want in your camp to keep you alive?
  8. Who is the one actor you love to hate?
  9. ...And the actor you hate yourself for loving?
  10. If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?
  11. If you could change one movie ending, what would it be and why?
That's all! Have fun, homies!


  1. Some very cool and unexpected info. Agree with you on the psychological thrillers, nothing scarier than what's in the head. Thanks for passing on the award too. I can't wait to get to those questions!

    1. Word! The head is a scary, scary place. And you're welcome! I'm looking forward to see what you come up with!

  2. Love the answers to the questions and yes, one of my fave quotes is "There's only one trilogy, you fucking morons." One of my other..."The plan is you drink a nice, tall glass of shut the fuck up."

    Can't wait to answer your q's. I know who my zombie team will be.

    1. Clerks wins. End of story. I wanted to use a quote from Clerks I but...they're all long ass awesome conversations, while Clerks II had a little more one-liners. And that whole battle of the nerds is epic. And YES. That movie is littered with excellent jabs.

      Stoked for your zombie team!!

  3. ZOMG I would go into Tarantino's mind too!
    Howlin' For You is brilliant!
    I wish I made Boogie Nights too.
    Ron -bahahahahaha!

    Great answers :D

    1. I know, right? All things are love! And thank you! I highly enjoyed the questions!

  4. Thanks for answering my questions - loved the answers, and your favourite quotes are gold. Agree with you about The Matrix. Even when I watch it now I get that 'ol reality question popping in my head. And you should definitely publish your fiction on your blog, even if it doesn't fit with the general theme I'd love to read it!

    1. Of course! They were muchos fun. That favorite quotes was a good one.

      And I agree--the Matrix is always win. I can't get enough of that.

      Ahaha, and thanks about the fiction comment! Maybe, one of these days, when I get my act together...

  5. Loved this post, tons of great info here, but to accurately describe how hard I laughed (out loud) to your answer for Nikhat’s first question would be impossible in print. Fucking perfect.

    1. Thanks! I'm always glad to get a laugh! It was a muy fun award thing.

  6. So, when I open my imaginary T-shirt business, I'm going to owe you some money.

    FRONT: What's in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase?

    I'll let you figure out what's on the back.

    Oh, and thanks for answering my lame-ass questions. Your Mt. Rushmore is kickass.

    1. HAHAHA! I would buy that shirt. Legit.

      And you're welcome! I had a heck of a lot of fun with your lame-ass questions.

  7. Thanks for the award. Will get on this and pass it on. Great answers and some fun trivia. I like that it wasn't. "I've watched Firefly 2 or 4 times. Just "Multiple". That and you got Jewel Staite's autograph.

    1. You're welcome! It's a fun one. And multiple times is about as concise as I can get. It's just TOO much fun. And that was my one bit of name dropping. It says "I love my Captain," and I die a little with nerd glee every time.

  8. Thanks for the tag, that makes four for me. Never knew I was so loved! You can find my answers to your questions on Twitter, which I will be doing right now. http://twitter.com/Bubbawheat

    1. You're welcome! And hot damn, you're on a roll! I'll be looking forward to your answers!

  9. Thank you so much for the award! My fourth! I will be posting the acceptance tomorrow!

    1. You're welcome! These bad boys have a habit of piling up!

  10. Thanks for the award! You can read my responses here: http://rojomovie.blogspot.com/2012/08/liebster-award.html

    Thanks again! We had fun with this.

    1. You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'll check out your answers pronto!


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