Winter Is Coming...


If case you're wondering where I am this December, you can find me stalking the movie theaters at any one of these dates:

Shame (December 2nd)
Fassbender. Mulligan. Sex addiction. I'm there.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (December 9th)
It's been talked about so much I feel like I've already seen it. Still, that won't stop me from running to the theaters.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (December 16th)
Noomi Rapace is not in my bed. There is no god.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (December 23rd)
Speak of the tattooed devil. Even without the Rapace love, I will see it and enjoy it, dammit.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (December 23rd)
The amount of excitement I have for this movie is actually borderline unhealthy.

And these are the reasons I'll be at home hating the world and drinking myself into oblivion:

New Year's Eve
Unless this movie ends with Hugo Stiglitz killing every man, woman, and child the moment the ball drops, I'm not interested.

The Sitter

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
What self respecting six year old sees these movies?


  1. Ahaha...I dunno what is with six year olds these day? No respect, tch tch.

    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo will only release in the first week of Jan where I am, so I am majorly pissed because it was supposed to be my feel-bad movie of Christmas, as the trailer advertised.

  2. Good calls. It's great to see Noomi getting some attention. And it really warmed my heart to see you disrespect mini Seth Rogen's new flick. Sometimes I think I'm the only person alive who doesn't dig Apatow's little stable of luminaries, so thank you for that.

  3. @ Nikhat--I'm telling you, we need to set six year olds straight, yes'm.

    That sucks that you have a delayed Girl With the Dragon Tattoo! False advertising fail. At least it'll be a good way to start the year?

    @ Brent--Thanks! I agree, I'm so glad she's getting work. Here's to hoping Hollywood doesn't bitchslap her. She's so badass, I don't think she has to worry too much about that, though.

    Mini-Seth Rogen! I love that beyond words. I think he's alright as a supporting character, I've got no real beef with the kid. But as a major player? Meh. Truth be told, I haven't seen Moneyball, nor have I (clearly) seen the Sitter. But...somehow, I just don't feel like taking a chance on him.

  4. There is hope for December! I stop in my tracks every time there's a damn TGWTDT trailer playing and it's easily my most anticipated but I also think Sherlock, MI and Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy all look like great times in theaters. Can't wait!


  5. When I hit up the NYC theaters, it's only gonna be for TTSS and to catch Harold & Kumar 3. I don't know that I gotta pay theater prices for Sherlock, I thought the original Dragon Tat movie was good enough on its own, and I just wish they'd call the MI movies something else because the tv series was so cool.

    And don't stalk the theatets, stalk your readers! Um, no wait.

  6. @ Lindsay--Same here! I stop in my tracks and let out a depressingly feminine excitable noise. In short, I will be continuously humiliating myself until TGWTDT comes out, so I have multiple reasons to be waiting on the edge of my seat for it!

    @ Thaddeus--Ahahaha! Harold and Kumar! Good choice. I just enjoy watching NPH get insanely high. The wonderful thing about December 23rd is both TGWTDT and MI come out on the same day, so if my adrenaline glands can handle it, I may just pay for one and see both. Which should give me just enough testosterone to chop down a Christmas tree and drag it home with my bare hands in the same night.

    Oh, don't worry, I have small robots watching all of you. They self destruct when I say Nightlock three times.

  7. LMAO I'll be drinking myself into oblivion for that very reason. Gag on all the rom com shit. Give me a blood bath I tell you. I'm looking forward to all these flicks. Sherlock and I have a date for my b-day. He comes to town the day after. Oh and I finally saw Hanna with my friend and her daughter, here's my review. http://melissasimaginarium.blogspot.com/2011/11/hanna-teenaged-badass-bitch.html

  8. And it is so completely awesome to have you back. I have missed your kick ass posts.

  9. Hey, good timing for a December birthday! You can have Sherlock, I'll take whoever Noomi Rapace's character is. And I'm so psyched to check out your review! Gong there immediately.

    It's good to be back! I was definitely not doing something nerdy like nanowrimo. Ahem. I have a lot to catch up on! Hopefully I'll be back in the game shortly! <3

  10. I won't give you my address afraid that you might kill me, but out of these, NEW YEAR'S EVE is the only one I would love to watch.
    I'm strongly against the glorification of violence and aggression and crime on film, and will always fight for movies which promote love and positive feelings :)))
    /waveshisangelicwingsatyou/ :)

  11. In the words of one of the most violent characters in history: Welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, welly, well! In all seriousness, it's probably a good thing that you have angel wings to balance out nature. We shall spend the rest of our lives canceling each other out and justifying each other's movie existence. We will be like James Bond and Blo...feld...er...Cowboys and Al...iens...er...Harry Potter and Voldemort? Deal? Deal.


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