5 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Dead Is Better Than You.

Alright. I tried to avoid talking about TV shows, I did. But this one really does deserve a mention. If you like guns, gore, and zombies, this really is one you shouldn't miss. I've been religiously addicted ever since I saw the most badass trailer in trailer history. In my opinion, it's hands down the best TV show of the season, and possibly one of my all time favorites. And so, in no particular order, here's my top five reasons why The Walking Dead is better than you:

1. The Endings. They've got it. The formula for a great episode. First, make a great episode. Done. But even if the entirety of the episode sucked? Even if they spent 55 minutes of Shane picking his nose? I would love it just for the 5 minutes of pure cinematic awesomeness. These writers know how to pack an excellent punch at the ending. Whether they're tugging on the heartstrings, exploding with horse insides, or leaving us with that gut-wrenching spine-chilling image of a bloody handcuff dangling there, empty. One of the things I appreciate most is they don't rely on the age-old "cliffhanger" equation. In fact, the entire series ends on a pretty solid note. Rather, they tie entire episodes up and draw out emotional rewards to leave you feeling extraordinarily satisfied, even if they do leave a couple questions unanswered. 

2. Glenn. That's right. Glenn is one of the more unlikely heros, the young, asian, pizza delivery man. By all cinematic standards, he should either be the comedic relief or the one who fights zombies with a Samurai sword. However, we love Glenn for the fact that he's one of the more human characters on the show. He serves as the sort of "audience member stuck in a zombie flick", saying all those things the audience was thinking and giving us a bit of a voice on the show. But at the same time, he's completely amazing in his own right: he saves Rick, for one, the ultimate badass, and he continuously puts his own brains on the line of the safety of the others out of pure moral goodness. In a show in which characters are all shades of gray, Glenn is one shinning beacon of a genuinely good guy. Plus, after watching him careen down an empty road in a sports car having the time of his life, it is really, really hard not to love him.

3. Um, Zombies. Yes. You can't appreciate this show in it's entirety without talking about the show's real draw--the zombies. The zombies blow me away. They're amazing for a tv show, and they'd be amazing for a movie. You remember LOST? Who could forget it--it was a super hit. However, even in LOST, the polar bear was very animated looking. If LOST couldn't scare up that budget, I'm impressed that The Walking Dead can. The zombies are terrifying, falling apart, but surprisingly...human. Which, somehow, makes them that much more terrifying. 

4. Rick. Boys, the Sheriff's in town. I couldn't do this list without him. He's just plain badass. There's no other word for it. The man is like a fucking superhero. He keeps his word no matter what, knows how to keep justice in order, and will always come back for you. Yet, he's not perfect. He leaves his family to go save everyone else, and he will occasionally resort to near-violence if you force it out of him. Plus, we got a great little final admission from him in the last episode: he's terrified of what will become of them. He has doubts. Which, in my mind, makes his character really that much more real and amazing. And I'm just waiting for his reaction when the little drama with Shane and his wife rears its head.

5. Humanity. The best part of this show? Is the human factor. The people are real, they're flawed, and they're constantly battling for more than survival. It's a fight to keep living, keep hoping for better things to come, and keep compassion for one another. Yes, The Walking Dead started as a comic book, but these aren't comic book characters, they're larger than life and you manage to feel for everyone of them.

Season two now please? Things I'm looking forward to: Some badass female characters besides Andrea please. Return of the black family (not to compare it to LOST again, but let's not have another vanishing Michael and Walt on our hands, yeah?). More of Shane's slow but steady decline. I feel for the man, I do, I think he's an extremely sympathetic character, but I'm loving his testing-the-waters-of-the-point-of-no-return in the final episode of the season and I think it makes his character all that more interesting and complex.

What's your best/least favorite parts about the show, and what needs to happen in the next season? There is little I love more than ranting about this show, fire away.

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