B Is For Badass.


So I finally caved and jumped on the alphabet meme bandwagon. I've seen some of you sturdy hearted bloggers going all the way through with this and doing a letter a day, and I bow down to your greatness. Me? I'm a lazy bastard. So here's my way of sneaking in and jumping on the fun with half the work--I'm just throwing all the letters into one great big post of my all time favorite movies. Yeah, wanna fight about it?

A is for Angel Eyes.

C is for "Clever girl..."

D is for Diamonds.

E is for Extraction.

G is for The Good Fellas.

I is for "I know."

L is for Lomax. Bernie Lomax.

M is for M.

N is for Nosebleeds.
R is for Roadtrips.

S is for Spoons.

U is for Unicorns.

V is for Viddy This.

W is for Whips.

X is for XXXX.

Y is for Yuppies.


  1. Best. Alphabet. Evah. This would make one hellagood abc book. Glad you got on board my badass friend.

  2. I know, right? I'll read it to my future kids. They WILL learn their alphabet by this list, dammit. You just made the ABC thing look so damn fun, I had to chip in somehow!

  3. This is so awesome! Great twist to the whole ABC thing that's going around.

  4. Thanks, homie! I just couldn't help myself.

  5. Badass post, indeed. Glad to see you jumped on the "Alphabet" bandwagon!

    I enjoyed many of your picks, but mostly, I loved the way you incorporated your own spin on it, by giving it that BAMF deft touch.

    Indiana Jones, Fight Club, American Psycho, A Clockwork Orange, Apocalypse Now, Road to Perdition...just too many awesome choices!

  6. Thanks! You all were making it too damn tempting.

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was way too much fun to compile. And those movies are straight up classics for sure.

  7. Wow, I LOVE what you did here! I feel like a jackass now, for using the actual titles. Brilliant brilliant brilliant.

    Props for C/J/Q - very clever of you!!

  8. Awesome. This is truly one of the badass posts I've ever seen. I laughed in appreciation at each letter. Well done!

  9. @ Rachel--Thanks! No need to feel like a jackass--I'm the one who was just too damn lazy to actually match titles to letters.

    @ Brent--Thanks, homie! I admire each and every movie so, I had to put some love into them. I appreciate the comment support!

  10. Sweet movie alphabet unlike all the others one I have seen around the web so far!

  11. Thanks, Castor! I had to put my own crazy into it. It happens.

  12. ah, Salmonella :) Hayek was truly unforgettable as Satanica Pandemonium :)

  13. Amen. She imprinted herself in my brain somewhere between licking alcohol off the curve of her leg and sinking her beastly fangs into Tarantino's jugular.


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